10 coolest features of ES6

EcmaScript 2015 comes with a lot of new features most of which are placed in order to fill the gaps existing in ES5 and prior versions. In this post we will go through 9 most handy features introduced in ES6 with various examples.


As of the time I’m writing this post, most browsers still don’t support ES6 and have not yet implemented any of these features. To play more with ES6 and see it in action you can go to: http://www.es6fiddle.net or you can use tools like traceur or babel along with task runners such as grunt or gulp to automatically transpile the code into executable ES5-based Javascript.

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Digium Gateway remote logging

We have recently used Digium gateway as alternative to other existing PRI interfaces and it’s been working like a charm. However, we had a client who needed to monitor the PRI connections and send an email alert whenever the PRI go down. Back then we had no issue with PRI PCI cards as we had access to DAHDI and could simply write a daemon to monitor “pri show spans”. With this gateway however, we cannot do it as simple as that as we have no access to the PRI and there is no SNMP tool whatsoever. The way I could think of was to push the syslog to Asterisk server and parse the syslog looking for anything suspicious. Now here is how I worked that out:

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simple posting web page

We had a coursework recently which required us to come up with a twitter-like web application in which people can register and write post, read other users’ posts as well as leaving replies to those posts. I have uploaded this application here.

Most of the job is done by combination of Javascript (ExtJS) and backend PHP. Please do register there and write posts if you want 🙂

Note: It works best under Firefox or Chrome. IE doesn’t support most of the features included.


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