Grandstream ATA HT286

This ATA support SIP and has only one FXS port. There is no routing function neither.

Here is a brief documentation on how it works:

=== Step 1 ===
1. Connect a standard touch-tone analog telephone (or fax machine) to FXS port.
2. Insert the Ethernet cable into the LAN port of HT–286 and connect the other end of the Ethernet
cable to an uplink port (a router or a modem, etc.)
3. Insert the power adapter into the HT–286 and connect it to a wall outlet.

=== Step2 (Get IP Address)  ===
”’To get the IP address”’
# Connect an analog phone to phone1 port
# dial *** (the system will say “enter the menu option)
# press 2 followed by  * (system will say “Dynamic ip mode”)
# press * and the system will announce your IP address

=== Step3 ===
Set the configuration of the Grandstream HT286.

A. Open the admin login page by entering IP address of Grandstream HT286 into your web browser:

B. Enter the admin password “admin” and click on the “login” button.

C. Click on the “ADVANCED SETTINGS1” tab link. Fill in those circled fields. Please do not modify other default values.

D. Then click on the “Update” button at the bottom of the configuration page. A save page will appear.

F. Finally click on the “Reboot” button on the save page. Wait for a few seconds and the configuration will become effective.

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