Grandstream HT-503

Grandstream HT-503

Here is the list of features for Grandstream HandyTone 503:

  • 1 FXO Port + 1 FXS Port
  • Built-In Router
  • DHCP Capabilities
  • Fax Codec Support: T.38
  • FXO Gateway Support
  • Protocol Supported: SIP
  • PSTN Pass-through
  • Voice Codec Support: G.711 a/u law, G.729 a/b, G.723, G.726

Configuration Steps:

Note: Please note that by default the HT502 and HT503 do not allow http access through WAN port. However, to do so you need to connect through the LAN port.

1) Connect the WAN port to your switch
2) connect the LAN port to a PC
3) the pc should get DHCP IP which by default is in the 192.168.2.X network
4) now you can access the web GUI using the default gateway ip which by default is:

5) You need to go to Basic Configuration and set the unconditional call forward (the last parameter at the bottom of th page) like this:

6) FXS configuration should be something like this:

7) FXO is a bit more complicated and is like below:

8 ) now it’s time to go for configuration on PBX side:
8.1) Create a custom trunk and set the string as below:


8.2) Create an outbound route like below:


At this point you should be able to both place and receive calls.

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