Tips and tricks of reading log files

Perhaps the most important skill required to troubleshoot is reading the log files. Like other Linux services, asterisk writes the logs in /var/log/asterisk

To enable a full log you should edit the /etc/asterisk/logger.conf and uncomment the full line. Afterwards you must run this command to apply changes:

# asterisk -rx “logger reload”

Here are examples of tracing in logs:

  1. cat /var/log/asterisk/full | grep ERROR
  2. cat /var/log/asterisk/full.1 | grep 9878 | grep “some text”
  3. cat /var/log/asterisk/full|grep “user-callerid: “|grep 9899 > /var/log/asterisk/9899.log
  4. cat /var/log/asterisk/full.1| grep “[22435]” > 9864.log
  5. tail /var/log/asterisk/full | tee log_exmpl.txt

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