TFTPGUI for Linux and windows

Firmware upgrade using TFTP

It happens a lot that in order to upgrade the firmware of certain devices you would need TFTP server.

Using the instruction on this post you can easily upgrade your firmware.

After a long search I found a nice TFTP server GUI for linux. It is called tftpgui and written in phython by Bernard CzenkuszIt
Simple and easy as it should be:

* it has a tftproot folder where you should place the files to be sent or get the files sent to the tftp server
* easy to Start and Stop
* no installation required, just launch the script
* License is GPL, its multiplataform, supports Windows/linux/Ma

Instruction for Installation and configuration

Here is the instruction for Ubuntu Linux

Note: Make sure the following packages are already installed:

sudo apt-get install python

sudo apt-get install python-tk

Step1) Download the application from this link

Step2) After you download, extract the tar file into any folder you want (e.g. /usr/bin/)

Step3) to have the link on your desktop right click on the desktop and select “Create Launcher” and follow the image below:

Step4) Now click on the link and the following window should appear:

Step5) Click on “Setup” and set the root folder and log folder in the following window:

Step6) To upgrade any device you should download the firmware and copy it to the root folder specified above and then start tftp. reboot the device and wait until upgrade is over.

Step7) After you finish make sure you stop the tftp (for security issues)

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