How to restrict certain extentions to call international numbers only

Custom Context

This is done using custom context module. If you’re using Elastix you must install this module (refer to Elastix witout tears)

Custom Contexts creates contexts that can be used to allow limited access to dial-plan

  • Allows for time restrictions on any dialplan access.
  • Allows for pattern matching to allow/deny.
  • Allows for failover destinations, and PIN protected failover.
  • This can be very useful for multi-tenant systems.
  • Inbound routing can be done using DID or zap channel routing, this module
  • allows for selective outbound routing.
  • Phones can be placed in a restricted context allowing them only internal calls.
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File sharing with dropbox

Dropbox is a web-based file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. that uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization. It was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi.

There are both free and paid services, each with varying options. In comparison to similar services, Dropbox offers a relatively large number of user clients across a variety of desktop and mobile operating systems. The free service provides 2 GB of free online storage.

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Tips and tricks of reading log files

Perhaps the most important skill required to troubleshoot is reading the log files. Like other Linux services, asterisk writes the logs in /var/log/asterisk

To enable a full log you should edit the /etc/asterisk/logger.conf and uncomment the full line. Afterwards you must run this command to apply changes:

# asterisk -rx “logger reload”

Here are examples of tracing in logs:

  1. cat /var/log/asterisk/full | grep ERROR
  2. cat /var/log/asterisk/full.1 | grep 9878 | grep “some text”
  3. cat /var/log/asterisk/full|grep “user-callerid: “|grep 9899 > /var/log/asterisk/9899.log
  4. cat /var/log/asterisk/full.1| grep “[22435]” > 9864.log
  5. tail /var/log/asterisk/full | tee log_exmpl.txt
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